Because the quality and naturalness are our strengths, we decided to build our production facilities on the natural slopes of Shar Mountain in a healthy and clean environment. Facilities covering an area of 35,000 m2, are scattered across a picturesque and intact landscape. 


The investment was launched in May 2002 with German capital and a team of around 30 highly qualified employees, entirely supported by foreign experts. Our products are present on the Macedonian national market, as well as on the regional markets.


VEZË SHARRI has built its development by continuous investment in human resources and expertise, production capacities, modern technological processes, implementation of the highest standards, raw materials and sales network.

Halal Certificate
Halal Certificate
ISO 22000:2005
ISO 22000:2005
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Dear customers,


I wish you a warm welcome into the world of Vezë Sharri, Lecker and Elektro Sharri.


The refinement of the German quality, accuracy and discipline in symbiosis with the Macedonian nature, tradition and diligence, put together the pieces of the mosaic telling the story of our existence.  


Although a bit unconventional, the beautiful and successful story began around fifteen years ago, as a huge project for a poultry farm for egg production with a capacity of 60,000 laying nests. Today Vezë Sharri is a leader in poultry farming owing to the consistency in our mission – to remain true to the quality.  

High hygiene standards together with modern technology are imperative in our work with the purpose of meeting the following objectives: top quality of our products and protection of the health, interests and good taste of our consumers.


The success was replicated in Lecker, Vezë Sharri’s daughter company, which deals with chicken and beef processing by using domestic raw materials. Manufactured by high quality standards and criteria, Lecker’s products are safe and nutritious and they provide security, trust and satisfaction to the consumers.

Our good management, the compliance with the global standards and the environmental care have culminated with the Elektro Sharri project. It is the only biogas power plant in Macedonia which generates 7.95 million kWh of electricity, feeding on 50 tonnes of waste per day.

Best evidence of our strategic work are the forty years of support from the surrounding, the citizens, consumers and governments. 

All the efforts of the management and employees of Vezë Sharri, Lecker and Elektro Sharri are channelled towards the quality that we produce for you – our dear consumers.  We strive and we are close to you. We work hard to ease the life of all our customers. We offer the best, the freshest, the top quality. And you recognised this.

Thanks to your support, our story does not end here. Together with you, we will continue achieving new successes and enjoying the benefits of our work.

Thanks to you, our dear customers, we will continue our mission to produce the best quality domestic products.

Thank you for your confidence.



Arben Abdurahmani



The carefully selected range of products manufactured by a German recipe and in harmony with our traditional cuisine provides our company with market sustainability and ensures continuity of the quality.

We want to offer every customer a top quality product through safe and quality delivery and competent staff team.

We tend to expand the range of products to satisfy the most demanding tastes.


Our mission is to offer the highest quality domestic products.


The main guide in Vezesharri is reliability in the continuous production of products with high quality and long tradition.

We want to become benchmark for stability and a measure of quality and professionalism in all segments of our business, and to achieve a better relationship with all of our groups of interest:

    • Users-our products to be the most common choice

    • Employees- to be the most desirable employer

    • Other business entities- reliable partner and socially responsible company

In one word, our vision is to achieve leadership position in the market.


Our story is a story of quality, responsible working and 15 years of tradition filled with a lot of energy and passion.

Starting with 30 employees, today this successful story is written together by more than 60 employees.


The story of Vezë Sharri began in 1999. An random and brief working visit to a large poultry farm in Münsterland, Northern Germany, served as an impetus to start a big investment in Macedonia. It was at this farm that the owner of Vezë Sharri Company, Mr. Arben Abdurahmani, has learned the process of farming chickens into egg-laying hens.  


Strongly desiring to return to his native country, Mr. Abdurahmani comes up with the idea to set up a small poultry farm in the village of Trebosh. For this purpose, he asked for help from Mr. Hermann Seemiller, owner of the poultry farm Seemiller, where he has worked for eight years. Soon they decided to make a joint German-Macedonian investment in a large poultry farm, since small farms are not a profitable business.


This is a brief timeline of the development of our three brands: Vezë Sharri, Lecker and Elektrosharri.


+ 389 44 368-750

+ 389 44 368-750

Vezë Sharri-Trebosh - 1200 Tetovë - R. Maqedonisë

Vezë Sharri-Trebosh - 1200 Tetovë - R. Maqedonisë

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